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I don’t get it..

It seriously blows my mind how fast our generation is. I just don’t understand how the girl’s get sluttier and sluttier the younger they are. Losing their virginity at like 14 years old, drinking by 15. I don’t know maybe it’s just me, but I just really don’t fucking get it. I feel like they think it’s cool to be considered a girl that has done something rather than be a “prude” “inexperienced” girl. To be honest, it kind of pisses me off.. not only that but it grosses me out… . like ew… Your like fucking 5 years old go read a book.

365 Days.

My one year anniversary is tomorrow, and I’m not even talking to him. Go figure.

I honestly thought should would be different. Deep down inside, you’re still the same person and that sucks.

DYING! LMFAO I love him.

So I saw Matt for the first time yesterday in 7 weeks and it was awesome :3. I was so nervous, how weird is that? I mean we’ve been together for 11 months and he still makes me shy.


Ebony & Ivory.

Eating Papa Johns.

The word “cunt” grosses me out. I hate it.

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